Elegant Interactions
for the web, mobile and beyond

Hi, my name is Jennette and I’m a UX/UI designer. I build digital interfaces that engage users in an elegant and honest manner.


Jennette Weber

Hi, I’m Jennette, a UX/UI designer based in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been designing for evolving mediums — print, web and mobile — for over 5 years. I specialize in creating digital interfaces from conception to execution.

I’m a self-motivated learner, fuelled by curiosity and the love of a hand-on approach. I work well independently, and have self-managed numerous freelance projects. I also like working with teams. I find the best designs are created not in a vacuum, but in a conversation with business, marketing and technical operations.

Below are four of my key strengths that I bring to every project:

Information Architecture

Wireframes and content organizations


Rapid iterations with paper or code

User Experience Design

Page flows and micro-interactions

User Interface Design

High-fidelity mock-ups

Want more information about my experience and skills?

This website — Dialogical Design — is named after my design philosophy: that good design respects the viewer by engaging with them in a elegant and honest manner.

‘Honest’ might sound like an odd word to describe design. Yet, a lot of interfaces we deal with daily create frustration and confusion. The leave users feeling deceived and dissatisfied. Sometimes these techniques are described as dark patterns.

I strive to design interfaces that are simple and easy to use, but also enlightening and empowering. Users understand what’s happening and are able to make choices. Put simply, dealing with an honest UI is like dealing with an honest sales rep — you walk away feeling good about the interaction.